A website bug report template you, your clients and your account manager will love.

Never get a bug ticket that you have to decipher again!

We know when it comes to bug tickets, there's never really a process in place to submit one. This leads to all kinds of 'interesting' essays and incomprehensible reports to land on your lap.

To speed up the process of having to deal with a bug, we have created this 8 step template for you to either use internally with your team, give to your account manager or even the client and allow you to gather all the information you wish you had when a bug is flagged.

The 8 steps outline questions such as:

 Specify location
 Provide evidence
 How many times has the bug occurred?

All you will need to do is copy the bug report template and share the link with the person who is reporting the issue so they can fill it in, send it back and you can create a ticket with this attached.

To get your bug report template just fill in the form.

Nimbus - bug report template download