Checklist for Using Hosting as an Extra Income Stream.

Are you looking for a different avenue to bring money into your agency?

Looking to make some extra cash while doing what you’re already fabulous at?

If you’re an agency that builds and manages websites for clients, becoming an affiliate or reseller of hosting is an income-generating tool you’ll want to explore.

Download the checklist to discover what you need to know about these two different routes and what is important when choosing a provider to go with.

We will explain why:

A referral program is perfect for you if you’re already pointing clients in the direction of a recommended hosting provider – but you want to be rewarded for providing your word of mouth promotion and have no hand in managing hosting for them.

A reseller program allows you to make your own mark up on the price but involves a lot more time, work and responsibility to launch. 

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Nimbus - checklist for hosting as an extra income